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Like so many others, I’m sure, I feel angry, I feel cheated and I feel sad that I have been deprived the company of this wonderful man. David was so many things to so many people. A husband, a father, a grandfather, a motocross ace, a hero, a stunt man, a businessman, a neighbour and so the list goes on. But wherever he travelled, be it racing, working or just travelling, he made friends and all those friends are hurting and missing him right now.

In the words on this page, I would like to share with you the Dave Bickers that I came to know.

Like so many of my generation, I first saw him racing on TV in the Grandstand Moto-Cross races, where he always, without fail, entertained. I was in good company, of course, as millions of TV viewers watched these broadcasts. I’m sure that when David’s…

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Kenny Brown, the mad motorcycyle trick-rider is seen here tearing it up on a Triumph.

Kenny Brown, the “Wild Man” of motorcycle trick-riding is seen here tearing it up on a Triumph.

Or rebellious riders, I should say.  Thanks to the The Jockey Journal for these amazing pics of the “Wild Man” in action. Seen above and below, “Wild Man” Kenny Brown toured the country in the ’60s putting on one man shows at Drag Strips with his incredible stunts– always on his trusty Triumph.

The British built bikes, like Triumphs, were coveted by American riders for their lighter weight– and for what some considered better handling than the American built bikes at the time. By the 1950s, more Triumphs were sold here in the U.S. than any other country hands down. Triumph had their own version of the badass big bike, and it’s the stuff of legends– the Triumph Thunderbird.

Kenny Brown favored performing his unique brand of motorcycle trickery on a trusty triumph.

Kenny Brown favored performing his unique brand of motorcycle trickery on a…

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Great blog on Steve McQueen at 1964 ISDT.

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Steve McQueen‘s ‘star’ shines as brightly as ever these days, and the man is still relevant some 30 years after he left us. You will see his image on the pages of glossy lifestyle magazines promoting sunglasses, wristwatches, jackets and motorcars. Steve’s fan base is global and we know this from experience: when great McQueen property is offered, the telephones light up from Japan to Australia, from Britain to the United States.

While many of his contemporaries slip into obscurity, why does McQueen continue to hold our interest? Well, he starred in some of the most memorable movies of the Twentieth Century, he was an accomplished racecar driver, he was a great shot, he flew vintage aeroplanes, and he was also something of a hit with the ladies. McQueen could ride a motorcycle too; in fact he was bloody good — so good that together with pals Bud and…

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In September 2013 I travelled over to the annual Motocross des Nations, this year held at the Talkasel circuit in Teutschenthal,Germany. It was a very long drive from Europoort, Rotterdam to Teutschenthal situated nr Leipzig in what was the old East Germany.  I finally arrived around 5pm was able to pick up my passes and get the motorhome parked up in the living area.  Main reason for the trip was to deliver a painting commissioned by Youthstream and to be able to present it to Pit Beirer, head of KTM Motorsports racing division.  The presentation wasn’t until Saturday night so I was able to check out the paddock and watch the practice and qualifying races. More on the presentation later but here’s the action from Moto 1,the MX1 and MX2 classes


Latvia were well pleased to win the B final and get into the main event.


Team KTM pit and Ryan Dungey’s bike and helmet.


What they were all racing for, the Peter Chamberlain MXDN trophy.


Opening ceremonies and riders for moto 1


Monster girls with 15 sec board.


First corner, Aussie MX2 rider Dean Ferris with the holeshot.



Fans take advantage of every viewing spot!


Ken Roczen scubs in-front of his adoring flag waving fans.


The battle between Roczen and Tomac was this close all race.


Antonio Cairoli held a commanding lead in moto 1.


Cairoli lights the candles to win the first moto.

A packed church in Retinne, Belgium gathered to honour 5 time World Champion Georges Jobe, who passed away on 19th December, finally succumbing to Leukemia after a brave fight!
Waiting to welcome Georges coffin into Church were a Guard of Honour of many of his friends, former team mates and GP rivals with well over 25 FIM World Motocross Championships amongst them. The glory days of the 1980′s 500cc World Championships represented by Eric Geboers, Dave Thorpe, Andre Malherbe stood proudly alongside legends Joel Robert, Stefan Everts, Michaelle Rinaldi with many more former GP riders such as Johan Boonen, Raymond Boven, Jean Paul Mingels etc., together with modern day World Champion Davide Phillipaerts and many GP riders, all united to see Georges and pay their respects.
The service was relayed to the crowds outside via speakers, with emotional tributes from daughter Maite and son Vic alongside many moving eulogies from family and friends. The Priest gave such an emotive eulogy for Georges in French, spoken with such passion of his spirit as a competitor, his steeyl determination and as a loving father and coach to many young riders such as Arnaud Tonus.
TV’s played a fitting tribute to a true champion, one of the legends of the Belgian Motocross dynasty that dominated tracks around the world for decades and sponteneous applause broke out spreading outside.
After the service, Georges coffin was met by a rousing cacofony of noise from a line up of bikes from young to old, as the congregation paid it’s last respects.
Word’s cannot express my pride at being able to bring Georges some comfort and hope in his darkest hours enduring chemo, through my painting of photographer Nick Haskell’s  iconic image of Jobe jumping over friend Andre Malherbe at Hawkstone Park 500c GP in 1984. Englishman Alan Bott commissioned the artwork and then decided to give it to Georges, in honour of a fantastic career and a true champion. Georges even took the painting into his hospital room to show the doctors and nurses his finest hour and give him courage to fight on. Drinking ice cold Juliper Beer at his home, we chatted for over 3 hours, bench racing famous victories, his rival’s and toasted a great champion, it was an honour to call a friend!

Plans are underway for a Special Celebration of Georges life at the Hawkstone International on Feb. 10th, where MX1 & MX2 riders will compete in the final combined moto for the perpetual “Georges Jobe Memorial trophy”, one of Georges favourite GP trophies, to be donated and presented by his children. Organisers are hoping to re-create the original double jump again in tribute to a great champion.

Rob Kinsey www.robkinsey.com

jobe painting presentation 2012

Georges accepts painting from Alan Bott.

Georges accepts painting from Alan Bott.

DSCN0255 DSCN0257 DSCN0258 DSCN0260 DSCN0262 DSCN0269 DSCN0270 DSCN0271 DSCN0272 DSCN0275

Last weekend I travelled out to the KTM Factory in Mattighofen, Austria to present a painting, celebrating 12 FIM World Titles in 2012, to CEO Mr. Pierer at their annual Christmas party infront of over 1500 workers, management, dealers and sponsored riders!

Flying out from Birmingham to Munich on Monarch Air’s new service route was great, budget prices, but only 15 people on an Airbus A380, felt like it was your own personal jet.DSCN0193

Arriving in Munich my good luck continued as I was able to get a rental car upgrade to a new Mini Countryman, equipped with Sat Nav. and winter tyres, which came in useful as the temperature was -8c as I travelled the twisty 2 hour drive to Mattighofen in the dark, finally arriving at my Gasthous just after 10pm.

In the morning I checked in with Marlene Hoffman, PA to Pit Bierer who suggested I go visit the superb Xmas market in Salzburg, home to Mozart and the Sound of Music.

Christmas market in salzburg

Christmas market in Salzburg

Salzburg really is a fascinating city, nestled beneath the imposing castle, surrounded by jagged alpine mountains. The market was busy selling Christmas decorations, trees and many stalls offering warm Gluwein, crepes etc.

Salzburg Castle with giant Xmas tree decoration

Salzburg Castle with giant Xmas tree decoration

The Catholic Church has some fantastic fresco’s in the dome, which had to be re-built after an allied bombing raid in 1944.

Ceiling of Catholic Church.

Ceiling of Catholic Church.

There were large queques for the Mozart Museum but just down the street was Red Bull World, the brand’s only retail store worldwide selling high end Red Bull clothing. It was a motorsport fans fantasy grotto with Vettel’s F1 car and Roczen’s championship winning KTM 250 SXF amongst the display’s. If you fancy any of the clothing, make sure you have deep pockets!

Red Bull World, their only retail shop worldwide!

Red Bull World, their only retail shop worldwide!



It was a short 25 mile drive back to Mattighofen to check out the KTM clothing retail store @ the factory. KTM factories dominate the town of Mantighofen’s industrial area

KTM Main Factory in Mattighofen.

KTM Main Factory in Mattighofen.

Further up the road lies their spares & despatch factory. (Photo taken on mobile phone)


KTM’s Factory Racing building is now situated approx 3 miles up the road in Munderfing, next to the new engine plant and nearby a massive White Power Suspension factory, also owned by KTM.


Motorsport offices

Motorsport offices

WP Suspension factory.

WP Suspension factory.

At KTM Factory Racing, from where all KTM’s motorsport’s worldwide activities are co-ordinated I met up with Marlene Hofmann, PA to Pit Bierer to unveil the painting which had safely made it unscathed.  In reception there is a massive wall mural celebrating their titles up to 2011, guess they will have to update it shortly!

Mural in KTM reception.

Mural in KTM reception.

Chatting to Marlene & assistant Steffi I was offered the chance to have a quick tour of the facilities and view the 4 seperate workshops for Motocross, Road race, Rally and Enduro. I asked,”would it be okay to take photograph’s?” they said yes as long as I didn’t take pictures of disassembled bikes or any engines in pieces…………..gotta keep something’s secret!

First was the Road Race dept with Moto 3 World champion Sandro Cortese’s winning KTM displayed. First thing that strikes you is how small, compact the bike is, compared to a motocross bike.

Sandro Cortese's Moto 3 bike

Sandro Cortese’s Moto 3 bike

Lined up against a wall were the Red Bull Rookie Cup bikes which were up for sale!

Red Bull Rookie bikes for sale.

In the Motocross workshops Jeffrey Herlings KTM SX250F looked rather lost as many of the other team bikes had been out dyno testing new fuel mapping and quieter exhausts from Akropovic.

Herlings works bike

Herlings works bike

Cairoli's workstation

Cairoli’s workstation

Detail on Herlings bike

Detail on Herlings bike

Trophies in the Enduro workshop.

Trophies in the Enduro workshop.

Rally and enduro bikes await preperation.

Rally and enduro bikes await preperation.

It was now time to head down to the main factory to set up the painting presentation, brief riders and staff on timings etc.

Entrance to party with all title winning bikes displayed. Naturally it's an Orange carpet for the guests!

Entrance to party with all title winning bikes displayed. Naturally it’s an Orange carpet for the guests!

What was most impressive was a banner, at least 100 metres long with every title & rider named, going back to the first ever championships of Gernady Moisevv and Heinz Kinigadner. Guess they will have to add another 12 metres for their 2012 success’s!


Preperations were well underway laying out the tables for the 1500 guests and setting up the stage.

Party time!

The evening’s festivities would start with a champagne reception, guests would be seated, then CEO Mr Pierer would address the crowd, explain KTM’s success’s this year and discuss emerging worldwide markets. In 2012 they sold 127,000 bikes worldwide and are targeting to produce 200,000 bikes by 2017. Every detail is planned to perfection, market share, growth targets in market segment’s such as off-road, road and motocross plus the massive clothing and accessory market. Seeing the factory, the passion of the staff made me fully realise just how big a “world player” KTM have become in every segment! The talk was preceeded by the production director firing up their newest 1290cc road bike, the deep throaty roar was loudly applauded by everyone!

KTM's new 1290cc road bike, sounds awesome!

KTM’s new 1290cc road bike, sounds awesome!

Watching the presentation with motocross legend Stefan Everts.


Following loyalty awards to long serving staff, the stage was handed over to Motorsport Director Pit Pierer and ambassador Heinz Kinigadner to interview each of the 12 World champions and present each rider with a memorial trophy from KTM. Sadly motocross champions Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings were absent, as was the injured Taddy Blazusiak, but a full compliment of Enduro riders, the very popular MX3 Champion & Austrian homeboy Matthius Walkner and Moto 3 World Road race champion Sandro Cortese more than made up for it!

Together with Heinz Kinigadner we unveil the painting to Mr Pierer.

Together with Heinz Kinigadner we unveil the painting to Mr Pierer on the large TV screens.

Presentation to Mr Pierer.

Presentation to Mr Pierer.


Group photo with Stefan Everts, Pit Bierer, Mr Pierer, riders and Heinz Kinigadner at presentation.

Artist Rob Kinsey with Moto 3 World Champion Sandro Cortese.

Artist Rob Kinsey with Moto 3 World Champion Sandro Cortese.

KTM Painting celebrating 12 FIM & AMA titles in 2012.

KTM Painting celebrating 12 FIM & AMA titles in 2012.

Dakar winner Cyril Despres.

Dakar winner Cyril Despres.

Following press photo’s and TV interviews it was time to eat and what a spread was laid on. Free beer and wine was provided thoughout the night and a seperate bar for serious drinkers, Jagerbomb’s etc.  Top tip, if you ever get invited to KTM’s Christmas party take a pocket full of flat steel M6 washers!.  You had to pre-buy tokens for drinks and the partgoers soon exhausted the stash of tokens, so the bar staff improvised with washers as tokens! Spent the night chatting to legend Stefan Everts, drinking with the motorsport staff, Pit Bierer, Valentina Ragni, Robert Jonus, Fabio Fariolli and all the riders. Cyril Despres was “on the wagon”, sipping water and a few glasses of red wine with the 2013 Dakar soon to start.  Sadly AMA Outdoor champion Ryan Dungey couldn’t make it with Anaheim SX also fast approaching. However there was the new KTM 450cc Dungey Replica centre stage, looking good in the new Blue/Orange livery that every motorsport dept will run next season.

Ryan Dungey replica

Ryan Dungey replica

Bearing in mind I had to get up at 6am to drive back to Munich to catch a 10am flight, I shared just a couple of beers, toasted KTM’s success which I’m sure will continue growing in 2013 and onwards.

Partying with Stefan Everts.

Partying with Stefan Everts.

Firstly, sincere apologies for delay in posting this third part of my MXDN blog, but the Dirt Bike Show and completing 2 commission’s had to take priority.
Back to race 2 the MX2/MX Open combined moto, here’s what happened to Barcia when he tried his “Bam Bam” move on big Ken DeDycker!

Barcia bites the dust after slamming into Ken Dedycker.

Justin Barcia picks up his bruised and battered works Honda.

Credit to Justin Barcia, he did remount and chased hard to try and get back in contention. Meanwhile Dutch “Sandman” Jeffrey Herlings was running away with the race. His pace was such that he lapped Blake Baggett well before the finish of the moto. Check out this photo sequence of Herlings lapping Baggett and the distance he puts intoBaggett in just a few hundred yards!

Herlings closing in on Baggett.

Closing in!

Herlings dives inside Baggett.

The pass.

Herlings presses on to lap more riders before the moto ended.

More drama was to befall Team USA in the final laps when Justin Barcia’s front wheel, damaged in the DeDycker crash started to lock up. Barcia quickly dived into the pits and some quick work by the mechanics got him back on track. On the final lap his Honda 450cc bike also started smoking badly which was later traced to a lost oil filler cap splashing oil onto his hot exhaust!

Barcia’s smoking Honda limps to the finish line!

The third and final MX1/MXOpen moto lined up with every person present wondering who would come out on top in the battle between Cairoli and Herlings?  The gate dropped and the pack raced to the sweeping first corner with Cairoli grabbing the holeshot!

Monster girls ready with 30 sec boards.

Moto 3 gets off the line.

But where was Herlings!……………………… as the dust cleared from corner one, he was seen picking up his KTM 350cc after a clash with ironically his team mate DeReuver! Taking the time to straighten his controls, Herlings then began and epic chase through the whole pack to catch up to the runnaway leader Antonio Cairoli.

Ryan Dungey was up with the leaders early on.

Dungey then nearly tangled with his fish tailing team mate Barcia and ended up off track through the infield advertising hordings!

Dungey crashes off track.

Dungey straightened up his bike but had to rejoin the track by going through the pit area.

Dungey scatters the photographers desperately looking for a way back on track!

Out front Cairoli was stretching his lead each lap, but seemed to be pacing himself, knowing of the closing Herlings.

Cairoli out front and cruising.

Herlings was cutting through the field like a hot knife through butter, carving past national champions like they were novices as he relentlessly closed on the leader Cairoli.  As soon as Herlings got within striking distance, looking for a way past, Cairoli dropped the hammer and pulled out a comfortable margin to the flag.

Try as he might, Herlings could not close the final gap to Cairoli!

Other riders were not so fortunate, as the deeply rutted Lommel sand took down many others.

Russia’s Evgany Bobreyshev goes down!

As many eyes were on the Cairoli/Herlings strugle, Team Germany’s Max Nagel and Marcus Shiffer were quietly grabbing leaderboard positions to put Team Germany in an unassailble lead and they would get their hand’s on the Chamberlain Trophy for the first time in 65 years!

Team Belgium’s Clement Desalle couldn’t bring a hometown victory.

The German fans began climbing any vantage point they could, including one fan atop of the Diamondvision large TV screen, to see their team of Roczen, Nagel and Schiffer score a famous victory.

German fans hold the high ground.

As soon as the moto finished, the fans  swarmed on mass towards the podium, chain saws, air horns etc in full flow! . On the podium the Monster girls posed for the crowd as the dignitories, inc the Crown Prince of Belgium assembled.

Monster girls on podium.

Team Germany, managed by Max Nagel’s father Hubert, soaked up the moment as they sprayed the champagne.

Team Germany finally lift the Chamberlain trophy, aplauded by the Crown Prince of Belgium.

By contrast, many of Team USA, mechanics, friends, family etc seemed genuinely shocked at finishing third, still on the podium but not the top step Team USA usually occupy.

Team USA contemplate third place at Lommel.

Ken Roczen jumped down from the podium to share his bubbly with his rabid fans.

Roczen salutes his many fans!

When back on the podium he was joined by one of his fans wearing nothing but a small orange KTM thong!

Roczen and No1 fan.

Back in the pits mechanics began cleaning up the bikes, as many riders licked their wounds.

Irishman Stuart Edmonds bares the scars of battle!

In the massive KTM pits, spirits are high as their riders Cairoli and Herlings swept all three moto’s. Roger DeCoster and Stefan Everts reflect on the event.

15 world championships between DeCoster and Everts reflect on the MXDN.

Following the Youthstream Awards the previous evening I was able to share a few moments with a busy Roger deCoster as we discussed the painting of him with team USA and arranged for Youthstream to airfreight it back to California.

Roger DeCoster and artist Rob Kinsey with Team USA tribute painting.

Back in the Press Centre the winners interviews were in full flow, Team USA gracious in defeat as Team Germany spoke of how proud they would be to try and defend the Chamberlain Cup in Teutschenthal in Sept 2013.

The after parties at the circuit were winding down when we eventually got over to the Monster rig, so everyone headed into town to join Antonio Cairoli’s party at the Tuin Cafe in the market square. Red Bull had their mobile DJ and army wagon pumping out tunes outside under the inflatable Red Bull arch. Inside Tony and Jill were hosting a meal for family & friends which became a drinking contest as everyone had to down whatever glass was infront of them!

I’ll leave it to my nephew Joel Ibbotson to close this blogpost with  this thank you card upon returning home.