Andy Cleaver of Yorkshire VMX recently commissioned this oil on canvas painting of himself in action at the VMXDN @ Farleigh Castle Motocross.

2015-03-18 16.29.42

This was an 18″ x 24″ stretched linen canvas painted in oils. Here’s the painting in it’s early stages

2015-03-15 16.28.44

2015-03-23 21.44.00

Andy was really pleased with the result and is giving the painting to his Mum, who used to come to every race with him.

Dougi Mercer, MD of Toughsheet Recycling, sponsors of the National Twinshock Series, had an old photo from his racing days that had sadly been bleached by sunlight and was very faint. Dougi commissioned on Oil on Linen Canvas painting, size 18″ x 24″ to capture in exacting detail his favourite photo for posterity.

Dougi Mercer oil on canvas

Dougi Mercer oil on canvas

Oil painting is a lot more complicated than water based acrylics, due to extended drying times and having to use mediums to thicken or thin the paint for glazes, detail etc. The result’s though are outstanding, the vibrancy of the colours just “ping out!” No wonder the old masters used them to such good effect.

Friday December 6th, all roads led to the sixth annual CRAP Party, (Christmas Riders Annual Party) at Wilmslow Rugby Club, Wilmslow, Cheshire, were amongst the footballers, TV stars and beautiful people, ex riders from off-road and road racing gathered to celebrate still being this side of the turf, reminisce about the old days, tracks and great battles they had through the years. Whilst virtually everyone’s hair is a little thinner and wasteline’s a bit fatter,  riders who often were great rivals, jump at the chance to buy each other beers and enjoy the great banter.

CRAP Party Flyer 2014

CRAP Party Flyer 2014

The brainchild of former AMCA IMBA European Champion Rob Bentham, the popularity of CRAP soon outgrew the back room of a pub in Knutsford, to move to the spacious Wilmslow Rugby club.

Last years guest Carl Fogarty was busy winning ITV’s “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here!”, so Artist  Rob Kinsey sought out Motocross legend, American Chuck Sun, former Husqvarna and Honda factory rider, 1980 AMA 500cc National Champion and member of the 1981 Trophee des Nations winning American Team at Lommel Belgium. Chuck flew in from Las Vegas, and gave a great interview, telling stories of his factory days and even racing in front of 100,000 people at Leningrad in a Russian 250cc Gp.

Chuck Sun enjoys a cold one!

Chuck Sun enjoys a cold one!

Chuck Sun and Alan Eaves bench race.

Chuck Sun and Alan Eaves bench race.

Dick Clayton, Howard Staves and Chuck Sun  .

Rob Bentham and Chuck Sun

Rob Bentham and Chuck Sun

One of the main aims of the party is to raise money for a worthy cause, namely the Wings for Life Spinal Research Foundation, dedicated to funding research into cures for spinal injury which has affected several action sports stars. Last year we raised approx. £2300 for Wings for Life, mainly down to serious bidding on a Rob Kinsey Art canvas painting of legend Ricky Johnson and sales of vintage Motocross DVD’s.

This years prizes included VIP Hospitality package for two people to attend the 2015 MXGP at Matterley Basin, Winchester, which was won by jointly by Steve Malone and Stuart Cosgrave with a winning bid of £1300. Steve also plans to purchase additional VIP tickets for his staff at Pro-Seal, Adlington. Rob Kinsey Art put up for auction a signed David Bailey limited edition canvas which raised £700, plus Honda’s Roger Harvey donated HRC race shirts which together with Wings for Life clothing and Pro-Circuit t-shirt’s bumped this year’s figure to just over £5000 for Wings for Life. Someone even offered £100 for Chuck Sun to sign auctioneer Simon “Mad dog” Maddocks ample derriere in permanent marker. Never before have the “Sun” and the “Moon” been out at the same time!

Chuck chatting up the ladies.

Chuck chatting up the ladies.

Following a great evening in Alderley Edge upmarket bar’s Chuck was a little worse for wear when Howard Staves turned up in his Mk 2 Escort rally car to meet friends in Wilmslow.

Chuck Sun, Howard Staves and Tony Hughes look for Lindow man.

Chuck Sun, Howard Staves and Tony Hughes look for Lindow man.

BTCC car driver and 24 hours of Dubai race winner Tony Hughes invited Chuck and Rob to view his extensive collection of cars at home.

Just part of Tony Hughes car collection.

Just part of Tony Hughes car collection.


Tony Hughes £250,000 all carbon fibre Ginetta. Check out the reg #!


After the weekend, Chuck was invited to tour the Pro-seal factory in Adlington, Cheshire to see the incredible food packaging machines the company manufacture’s.

Chuck Sun and MD Steve Malone survey just a small part of Pro-Seal's factory.

Chuck Sun and MD Steve Malone survey just a small part of Pro-Seal’s factory.


Motocrossers Jacob Joyce, Ben ?, Chuck Sun, Steve Malone and Bob Bratcher at Pro-Seal,


2014-12-10 13.40.49

Rob Kinsey, Tony Hughes, Chuck Sun and Rob Bentham in raceshop at Hughes Motorsport, Bredbury.


Following a tour of Hughes Motorsport  and Hughes Safety Showers in Bredbury Stockport, Chuck was dropped off at Manchester airport, on route to Praque, Czechoslovakia.

The CIA have confirmed that “The package” was safely delivered to Praque, having released this spy camera photo!

"The asset in Praque. "

“The asset in Praque. “


I’m pleased to announce my latest commission, a painting of Antonio Cairoli in action and celebrating his 7th world title with his  father Benedetto, who sadly passed away this summer.

Antonio Cairoli tribute Painting to his late father Benedetto bu Rob Kinsey Art.

Antonio Cairoli tribute Painting to his late father Benedetto by Rob Kinsey Art.


This acrylic on canvas painting, size 100 cm x 70 cm was commissioned by Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream and organisers of the 68th edition of the Motocross of Nations in Kegums Latvia over the weekend of 28/29th September 2014.

Antonio Cairoli won his 8th World Motocross Championship in the premier MXGP class in what was a very challenging year, losing his father “Benny”, who died a few days before the Britsh MXGP. Tony was able to overcome his loss and win the GP at Matterley Basin, Winchester, a sign of a true champion.

For several years, I have been commissioned by Giuseppe Luongo to celebrate great moments in Motocross, including his 30th anniversary of promoting Motocross at a gala dinner at the Italian MXGP in Maggiora in June 2013.

Youthstream 30th Anniversary painting with Stefan Everts, Ursula Luongo, Giuseppe Luongo, Jean Michel Bayle, Alex Puzar and artist Rob Kinsey.

Youthstream 30th Anniversary painting with Stefan Everts, Ursula Luongo, Giuseppe Luongo, Jean Michel Bayle, Alex Puzar and artist Rob Kinsey.

Each summer I get together with Mr Luongo to decide who to honour and this year was an easy choice, as “Benny” had been such a massive influence on Tony Cairoli’s career. A commission begins with initial sketches to work out the composition, then a marker visual is produced for approval. Once agreed, the images are then scaled up and drawn onto the large primed canvas.  First task is to do a tonal under-painting, then to start blocking in major shapes, which can take several layers, before finally adding the detail, logo’s etc. This work took around 60 hours to complete but seeing the look on Tony’s face at the presentation, it was all worth it!

Cairoli painting marker visual, first draft.

Cairoli painting marker visual, first draft.

At approx 50 minutes into this video you will see the painting presentation to Tony Cairoli.

Remembering Robbie Allan

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Remembering Robbie Allan.

Originally posted on Home thoughts from abroad:

Like so many others, I’m sure, I feel angry, I feel cheated and I feel sad that I have been deprived the company of this wonderful man. David was so many things to so many people. A husband, a father, a grandfather, a motocross ace, a hero, a stunt man, a businessman, a neighbour and so the list goes on. But wherever he travelled, be it racing, working or just travelling, he made friends and all those friends are hurting and missing him right now.

In the words on this page, I would like to share with you the Dave Bickers that I came to know.

Like so many of my generation, I first saw him racing on TV in the Grandstand Moto-Cross races, where he always, without fail, entertained. I was in good company, of course, as millions of TV viewers watched these broadcasts. I’m sure that when David’s…

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Originally posted on The Selvedge Yard:

Kenny Brown, the mad motorcycyle trick-rider is seen here tearing it up on a Triumph.

Kenny Brown, the “Wild Man” of motorcycle trick-riding is seen here tearing it up on a Triumph.

Or rebellious riders, I should say.  Thanks to the The Jockey Journal for these amazing pics of the “Wild Man” in action. Seen above and below, “Wild Man” Kenny Brown toured the country in the ’60s putting on one man shows at Drag Strips with his incredible stunts– always on his trusty Triumph.

The British built bikes, like Triumphs, were coveted by American riders for their lighter weight– and for what some considered better handling than the American built bikes at the time. By the 1950s, more Triumphs were sold here in the U.S. than any other country hands down. Triumph had their own version of the badass big bike, and it’s the stuff of legends– the Triumph Thunderbird.

Kenny Brown favored performing his unique brand of motorcycle trickery on a trusty triumph.

Kenny Brown favored performing his unique brand of motorcycle trickery on a…

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Great blog on Steve McQueen at 1964 ISDT.

Originally posted on Speed Track Tales:

Steve McQueen‘s ‘star’ shines as brightly as ever these days, and the man is still relevant some 30 years after he left us. You will see his image on the pages of glossy lifestyle magazines promoting sunglasses, wristwatches, jackets and motorcars. Steve’s fan base is global and we know this from experience: when great McQueen property is offered, the telephones light up from Japan to Australia, from Britain to the United States.

While many of his contemporaries slip into obscurity, why does McQueen continue to hold our interest? Well, he starred in some of the most memorable movies of the Twentieth Century, he was an accomplished racecar driver, he was a great shot, he flew vintage aeroplanes, and he was also something of a hit with the ladies. McQueen could ride a motorcycle too; in fact he was bloody good — so good that together with pals Bud and…

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