Rob hospitalised with Pneumonia!

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Motorcycle paintings and news.

Rob Kinsey has been under the weather recently.
“Started feeling really rough on Sunday 8th Nov, sore throat, head and muscle ache’s & shiver’s.
kept dosing up with paracetamol but wasn’t getting any better. Went online to Swineflu awarenesss website, completed questionaire
and it said I had it and to go to collection point for course of Tammi Flu.
Started taking these and seemed to get worse. Friday night my temp was high so Jo , my wife, got doctor out who did some tests and
called an ambulance to go into hospital. By this time my tempurature was 40.9c!
The charts at hospital only go up to 41.5c, so I was burning up inside, but was still feeling shivery!, weird!

In hospital they put me in isolation/quarantine room where all staff are masked up, gloves, disposable gowns etc. Was put onto intravenous antibiotics, intravenous saline and a few more other tablets, injections etc.
Worst thing was the hospital is brand new and they hadn’t got around to enstalling any TV’s or music in isolation rooms yet, so read RacerX and Moto mag from cover to cover, even all the adverts!
Eventually my temp came down and doctors said it was Pneumonia in my lungs, as I kept coughing up blood and stuff thicker than axle grease!
They swabbed my throat and did blood cultures to check for Swine Flu.

"Getting worried about the side effects of Swine Flu medicine."

Thankfully Jo was able to bring in a small TV and DVD player to keep me sane I watched the films Easy Rider, most of MX Files DVD’s, “Massacre at Saddleback” with Hannah & Howerton going at it. (Thanks Todd Huffman for sending over earlier)
Also enjoyed “Band of Brothers” box set, almost felt like I was in Easy company by end of it!

Eventually on Tuesday I was given all clear after Swine Flu vaccination and could actually see the nurses faces with out masks!, eventually allowed home.
Got to take it slow for a month and build my strength up!
Thanks to my wife Jo for everything, the hospital staff and to all the people who have sent well wishes.
Apart from injuries through crashes, it’s the first time I have ever spent any time in hospital through illness.”

Rob has recently been getting on top of social network sites like Facebook with a new group Rob Kinsey Art and Twitter @robkinseyart


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