Tribute to Marty Moates(1956-2006) 1980 USGP Winner

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Painted this portrait over the weekend of the late Marty Moates, pictured at the 1980 USGP at Carlsbad, where as a privateer he shocked the Motocross world by winning the USGP.

Marty Moates 1980 USGP Winner

Back in 1978 I met Marty at Farleigh Castle when he came over to ride a KSI Thumper in the British Motocross Grand Prix at Farleigh Castle, Wiltshire. Marty had a flamboyant style, riding the under powered Honda engined KSI with great effect against the world’s top riders.

I painted this portrait in a loose style, mostly using palette knives and very little brush work. It was only when I was googling Marty’s name that I learned it was 3 years ago today, December 7th 2006 that Marty left us.

I hope he would have liked this tribute!

Due to public demand I will be releasing an exclusive limited edition giclee print of this portrait, limited to just 23 copies worldwide.  #23 was Marty’s race number at Carlsbad USGP.    If you wish to order one please e-mail to reserve your print.  Price will be approx $75 US Dollars plus shipping.

More of Rob’s work can be seen at

  1. Scott Cox says:

    Robb, I would like to purchase 4 of the prints if they are still available. If #23 is not taken, that would be my choice for one of the prints. Please contact me with order/payment info.


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