USGP Film Premiere “One day of Magic!”

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After spending the night in Baltimore Airport I arrived in San Diego on Monday morning, to be collected by my good friend Keith Lynas of , who runs a very successful business restoring Ossa motorcycles, does machine work for San Diego m/c dealers and has a vintage motorcycle collection to die for!

We immediately headed for Carlsbad Raceway up the freeway from San Diego to what remains of the former GP venue.  Sadly vast tracts of the course have been built upon to put up industrial units, but with the downturn in the economy, most lie vacant or the banks have fore-closed on!

Vacant units on Carlsbad site

Nature reclaims Carlsbad raceway

We were met by former factory rider Jim Beauchamp and set off to re-discover the track.

Rob Kinsey, Jim Beauchamp and Keith Lynas beside one of the old foot bridges

We’d come equipped with spades and buckets to collect some of the famous Carlsbad adobe dirt from the start-line, first corner and drop off, as well as collect any old artifacts remaining such as signage, souvenirs etc.

The overgrown start straight

Jim found an old trackside steel post and managed to chip off some of the original concrete start pad.

Jim Beauchamp chipping at the concrete start gate pad.

Soon Scott Cox and Scott Wallenburg, publisher of RacerX joined us to check out the circuit.  I brought down my paintings of Marty Moates and we took several pictures on the same jumps Marty raced over.

keith Lynas, Rob Kinsey, Scott Wallenburg and Jim Beauchamp

The dirt at Carlsbad can best be described as a soft concrete mix, that quickly turned rock hard & “blue groove” as the knobbly tyres left their marks.  You can still make out the start gate, first corner and drop offs, but mother nature is quickly reclaiming what is left of the old wooden foot bridges. Parts of the giant Suzuki sign behind the start gate can be found in the undergrowth, faded and bleached but watch out for the Rattlesnakes who now consider this their rightful home!

Back into San Diego we checked out the location of the Spreckels Theatre, venue for the following nights Film Premiere.

Spreckels Theatre San Diego

The cinema is real old school theatre, music hall with marbled lobby and ornate ceilings, perfect for recreating the atmosphere of the heady 1980’s!

Tuesday afternoon I set my Rob Kinsey Art stand up in the lobby, selling prints and displayed the two Marty Moates original paintings alongside a replica of his original bike , startgate and original ABC World Wide of Sports TV banner.

Doors open for the VIP pre-show reception

The Rob Kinsey Art stand was swamped with customers and fans.

Fans check out latest prints

The pre show VIP reception was a chance to meet guys like English USGP promoter Gavin Trippe, Marty’s brother Dave Moates, VMX Swapmeet website owner Mark Holloway and many former riders such as Ronnie Lechien, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft, Scott Burnworth, Jim Gibson, Brad Lackey, Goat Brecker, Flying Mike Brown, Danny Laporte and legend Roger DeCoster.

USGP Premiere partners Scott Cox & Todd Huffman with Alex Moroz and Rob Kinsey

Roger DeCoster checks out my latest original of him and signed it too!

Many fans had their picture taken with Marty’s bike as they made their way through to take up seats.

Miss san Diego girls with paintings on-stage, ready for auction.

Producer Todd Huffman briefed me on the format of the auction, how I would go on stage with the Miss San Diego girls, talk about my artwork, memories of Marty and a professional auctioneer would raise as much money as possible for the Adaptive Athletes Charity.

Bidding was swift on both originals with the portrait being knocked down at $2750 and the action painting of Marty Moates selling for a record $5000!  Tom White was the winning bidder.

Artist Rob Kinsey with Tom White

The painting will have pride of place in Tom’s fantastic early Years of Motocross Museum, which we got to visit the following day.

Todd then introduced the film to the eager audience, many of whom had been there track-side, 30 years to the day since that momentous event.  The audience cheered loudly when Marty appeared on-screen and the racing action was supplemented by great interviews with his rivals and industry insiders.

After the show we sold out of Marty Moates prints, packed up the stand then headed over for the after party in a club nearby. Todd had laid on a free bar and everyone celebrated into the night.  Jim Beauchamp had all the former GP stars to fill a special memorial box of Carlsbad dirt and I was honoured to be asked to contribute and sign the box.

World Champ Brad Lackey adds dirt to the Carlsbad memorial watched by Jim Beauchamp and Todd Huffman.

Everyone was in great spirits and remarked just how special the evening had been!

Rob at the after party with Miss San Diego girls.

The after-party wound down around 2.30pm and several of us headed off to an all night dinner, as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Back at the Hilton Hotel we were disappointed to find Californian state law requires the bar to close at 3.00am, otherwise I’m sure the party would have continued on into the night.

A great night was had by all and I can’t wait to watch the DVD when it’s released in a few weeks.

For more info on Rob’s artwork log onto or follow us at

  1. Robert Ivery says:

    What an honor to have been part of the celebration.


  2. jim says:

    A pleasure spending some time with you
    You help make this event World Class



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