At the Youthstream awards ceremony saturday night, 2 of the sport’s biggest star’s, who passed away this year, were remembered in an emotional ceremony.

Giuseppe Luongo commissioned English Artist Rob Kinsey,,  to produce these two exceptional NEW paintings of Danny Magoo Chandler, an American Motocross icon, who won all four moto’s of the Motocross & Trophee des Nations in 1982 in Germany and Switzerland.

Rob chose a classic Black/white photograph from photographer Warren Price   as the basis for his 20″ x30″ acrylic on canvas painting which he turned into this stunning study of Chandler at his best, leading the world.

Danny "Magoo" Chandler 1982 MXDN painting by Rob Kinsey

The painting was presented by Giuseppe to Dave Clabaurgh, promoter of the 2010 Motocross of Nations, in recognition of his outstanding event this weekend in Lakewood, Colorado.

Also remembered was Andrew McFarlane, the Australian rider who finished second in the 2005 MX2 World Motocross Championship and  competed successfully on the American AMA outdoor championship circuit.  Andrew sadly died this year in an accident during the Australian Motocross championship round at Broadford.

Andrew McFarlane painting by Rob Kinsey

Giuseppe chose to present this great painting to Ilario Ricci, McFarlane’s former manager and sponsor when he rode the GP’s.

Artist Rob Kinsey said:  “Sadly I can’t be in Colorado for the presentation, due to family commitment’s, but I was deeply honoured to accept this commission from Youthstream to respect two great rider’s who are sadly missed.  I knew Danny as a close friend and we celebrated his 50th birthday in great style at last year’s MXoN in franciacorta Italy. 

Magoo's 50th birthday celebrations at 2009 MXoN Italy.

 Danny’s record of winning all four moto’s will never be broken, a fitting tribute to a great rider, showman and champion who captured our hearts.  Despite being confined to a wheelchair from an earlier racing accident, Magoo was always upbeat and the fans truely adored meeting him at events. 

Andrew McFarlane had  great charisma, both on and off the bike and won many fans across the world for his racing style and friendly demeanor.  It’s fitting that his former manager, Ilario Ricci, who spotted Andrew’s style and brought him to Europe, should receive this artwork!”

About the Artist:  

 Rob Kinsey, based in Ashbourne England, has been a professional artist since 2005, specialising in motocross.  He work’s mainly in acrylic on canvas painting’s and also pen &  ink illustrations.  Rob’s clients include Honda, KTM, Youthstream, MX Files and many private collectors and enthusiasts around the world.  In 2006 RacerX magazine nominated him “Artist of the Year”.  More of Rob’s work can be seen on his website and welcome’s commission enquiries to

Here’s some of the feedback on the paintings:

Lefty’s Ha! 
Well, we can both use our imaginations today, which is actually a good thing. I saw pictures and a few tweets yesterday and it looked like a good day. Everybody had a chance to shine.
I’m not one of those Go USA, screw the rest people. I would like to see a really competitive and exciting day. Doesn’t matter who wins to me. That said the US does seem the most complete, but you
never know. I was very happy for Andrew. Very happy. Ryan and Trey have what appears to be long bright futures so I’m really just pulling for Andrew to have a great experience. I think Marvin will be on form today and make it tough on Trey. Ryan probably got his mulligan out of the way, but there are still so many things that can happen. I hope that place is packed today!
Keep up the good work Rob
David Bailey ( US MX icon)
Great work as usual, Rob. Danny would be proud.
Hope you’re well.
Fran Kuhn (Photographer)
Dear Rob,
That is beautiful. Good job. You are an artist of the highest caliber!
Glenn C. McGovern (US Atourney)
Just followed the link on MotoNews to your newest works. Awesome work, you are THE MOTO ARTIST! Great work!
David Griffin
Rob, I was there tonight when they unveiled the paintings of Magoo and Sharky and they were dazzling and very, very cool. Paul Malin was the host and he got very choked up talking about Andrew especially. I wish you had been there because the paintings were well-received and the subjects were well honored. The tribute and the paintings were exceptional.

The McFarlane painting is one of my favorite so far, by the way. Well done.

DC (Davey Coombs) 
MX Sports

Awesome painting of Andrew!
I enjoyed the “124” & it was a pleasure to have worked
with him and his family.
Dave O.Wink
Dave Osterman (Andrew McFarlane’s US Team Manager)
Amazing Rob, simply amazing. We are truly blessed to have such a talented artist and a true moto enthusiast who understands motocross in our sport. Thank you!
Terry K from Vital MX
Wow, just beautiful. I especially like the flowing sand on the McFarlane piece. Almost a look of flames. I know you got just what you were looking for there.
We’re all blessed you’re like-minded and willing to share your talent.
Thank you.
Kurt from Las Vegas
Absolutely beautiful work as always Rob.
You really capture the emotion and life of the riders in your work.

What you do goes far beyond just a picture of someone.

jndmx CT on VitalMX

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