Telford Classic off Road Show Part 2

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

There was an interesting display of Suzuki Motocross bikes, inc actual works models from Roger DeCoster

Info sheet on RN bikes

Suzuki works bike, note bungy strap securing tank!

Suzuki RN 250cc twinshock works bike from Jobe era.Sean McRea's neat 125cc SuzukiArtist Rob Kinsey with special dirt from first turn at Carlsbad RacewayClose up of Carlsbad Raceway "with you forever" momento put together by Jim Beauchamp.Greeves 360cc Challenger note alloy downtube, ahead of it's time!Bill Brown's NEW Trico a Maico frameset that can be adapted to take triumph, CCM, or Honda four stroke engines!Trico, work in progress but looks great!The Magazine Man, only person guarenteed to take money off me at show! Good selection of road racers to view.Well used DOT trials bike, not every machine was in showroom condition.Mark "Never mind the width, feel the quality " Millhouse of Destroy Clothing.Nice Husqvarna 400cc McQueen modelEven Hodaka had a presense!Mark Freudenau's immaculate Honda Red Rocket, many claim was the bike of the show!Classic open face helmet, Oakley's and Jofa chin guard on EVO Twinshock stand.

  1. philip says:

    great show ! lots of stuff i couldnt afford – mainly in the canteen!!!!,wont get caught again,stright out the door to greggs.


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