Eric Geboers Lifetime Achievement Painting Motocross of Nations- France

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Motorcycle paintings and news.
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Eric Geboers Lifetime tribute Painting presented at Motocross of Nations , France.

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo commissioned English artist Rob Kinsey to paint a Lifetime Achievement painting for 5 time World Champion Eric Geboers, known as “Mr 875”, the first rider to win World titles in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc World Motocross Championships!

Youngest of  brothers, Eric was nicknamed “The Kid” during his racing career, which saw him win a total of 5 world titles.  His unique riding style and passion was adored by his massive fan club and admired by fans worldwide.
For the past few years Mr Luongo has commissioned Professional Artist Rob Kinsey to  paint commemorative artwork, to honour the legacy of former champions!
During an emotional ceremony at the 2010 MXoN in Colorado, icon’s Danny “Magoo” Chandler USA and Australian Andrew McFarlane were honoured, their memories captured forever on canvas!
In addition to his outstanding Motocross Palmares, Eric Geboers also promotes the Belgian MXGP at Lommel and will organise next year’s prestigious 2012 Motocross of Nations at Lommel.
The Eric Geboers “Mr 875” canvas was perhap’s Rob’s most challenging commission yet!, involving hours of research on Eric G, finding three individual images that would work together, set against the background of the flag of Belgium.  Rob chose the main central image from legendary French Motocross photographer Pat Boulland. The 125cc & 500cc images were actually based from Black/white photo’s, involved researching correct colours, sponsor logo’s etc.
Rob would like to thank the following people for their help & inspiration with this commission: My wife Jo, Photographer Pat Bouland, Author Terry Good”Legendary Motocross Bikes” book, DC RacerX and finally Youthstream Org. for this prestigious commission.
  1. A master piece.. makes me want to jump on a bike and go


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