Firstly, sincere apologies for delay in posting this third part of my MXDN blog, but the Dirt Bike Show and completing 2 commission’s had to take priority.
Back to race 2 the MX2/MX Open combined moto, here’s what happened to Barcia when he tried his “Bam Bam” move on big Ken DeDycker!

Barcia bites the dust after slamming into Ken Dedycker.

Justin Barcia picks up his bruised and battered works Honda.

Credit to Justin Barcia, he did remount and chased hard to try and get back in contention. Meanwhile Dutch “Sandman” Jeffrey Herlings was running away with the race. His pace was such that he lapped Blake Baggett well before the finish of the moto. Check out this photo sequence of Herlings lapping Baggett and the distance he puts intoBaggett in just a few hundred yards!

Herlings closing in on Baggett.

Closing in!

Herlings dives inside Baggett.

The pass.

Herlings presses on to lap more riders before the moto ended.

More drama was to befall Team USA in the final laps when Justin Barcia’s front wheel, damaged in the DeDycker crash started to lock up. Barcia quickly dived into the pits and some quick work by the mechanics got him back on track. On the final lap his Honda 450cc bike also started smoking badly which was later traced to a lost oil filler cap splashing oil onto his hot exhaust!

Barcia’s smoking Honda limps to the finish line!

The third and final MX1/MXOpen moto lined up with every person present wondering who would come out on top in the battle between Cairoli and Herlings?  The gate dropped and the pack raced to the sweeping first corner with Cairoli grabbing the holeshot!

Monster girls ready with 30 sec boards.

Moto 3 gets off the line.

But where was Herlings!……………………… as the dust cleared from corner one, he was seen picking up his KTM 350cc after a clash with ironically his team mate DeReuver! Taking the time to straighten his controls, Herlings then began and epic chase through the whole pack to catch up to the runnaway leader Antonio Cairoli.

Ryan Dungey was up with the leaders early on.

Dungey then nearly tangled with his fish tailing team mate Barcia and ended up off track through the infield advertising hordings!

Dungey crashes off track.

Dungey straightened up his bike but had to rejoin the track by going through the pit area.

Dungey scatters the photographers desperately looking for a way back on track!

Out front Cairoli was stretching his lead each lap, but seemed to be pacing himself, knowing of the closing Herlings.

Cairoli out front and cruising.

Herlings was cutting through the field like a hot knife through butter, carving past national champions like they were novices as he relentlessly closed on the leader Cairoli.  As soon as Herlings got within striking distance, looking for a way past, Cairoli dropped the hammer and pulled out a comfortable margin to the flag.

Try as he might, Herlings could not close the final gap to Cairoli!

Other riders were not so fortunate, as the deeply rutted Lommel sand took down many others.

Russia’s Evgany Bobreyshev goes down!

As many eyes were on the Cairoli/Herlings strugle, Team Germany’s Max Nagel and Marcus Shiffer were quietly grabbing leaderboard positions to put Team Germany in an unassailble lead and they would get their hand’s on the Chamberlain Trophy for the first time in 65 years!

Team Belgium’s Clement Desalle couldn’t bring a hometown victory.

The German fans began climbing any vantage point they could, including one fan atop of the Diamondvision large TV screen, to see their team of Roczen, Nagel and Schiffer score a famous victory.

German fans hold the high ground.

As soon as the moto finished, the fans  swarmed on mass towards the podium, chain saws, air horns etc in full flow! . On the podium the Monster girls posed for the crowd as the dignitories, inc the Crown Prince of Belgium assembled.

Monster girls on podium.

Team Germany, managed by Max Nagel’s father Hubert, soaked up the moment as they sprayed the champagne.

Team Germany finally lift the Chamberlain trophy, aplauded by the Crown Prince of Belgium.

By contrast, many of Team USA, mechanics, friends, family etc seemed genuinely shocked at finishing third, still on the podium but not the top step Team USA usually occupy.

Team USA contemplate third place at Lommel.

Ken Roczen jumped down from the podium to share his bubbly with his rabid fans.

Roczen salutes his many fans!

When back on the podium he was joined by one of his fans wearing nothing but a small orange KTM thong!

Roczen and No1 fan.

Back in the pits mechanics began cleaning up the bikes, as many riders licked their wounds.

Irishman Stuart Edmonds bares the scars of battle!

In the massive KTM pits, spirits are high as their riders Cairoli and Herlings swept all three moto’s. Roger DeCoster and Stefan Everts reflect on the event.

15 world championships between DeCoster and Everts reflect on the MXDN.

Following the Youthstream Awards the previous evening I was able to share a few moments with a busy Roger deCoster as we discussed the painting of him with team USA and arranged for Youthstream to airfreight it back to California.

Roger DeCoster and artist Rob Kinsey with Team USA tribute painting.

Back in the Press Centre the winners interviews were in full flow, Team USA gracious in defeat as Team Germany spoke of how proud they would be to try and defend the Chamberlain Cup in Teutschenthal in Sept 2013.

The after parties at the circuit were winding down when we eventually got over to the Monster rig, so everyone headed into town to join Antonio Cairoli’s party at the Tuin Cafe in the market square. Red Bull had their mobile DJ and army wagon pumping out tunes outside under the inflatable Red Bull arch. Inside Tony and Jill were hosting a meal for family & friends which became a drinking contest as everyone had to down whatever glass was infront of them!

I’ll leave it to my nephew Joel Ibbotson to close this blogpost with  this thank you card upon returning home.


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