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After Moto 2, the 2015 MXoN was a two way battle between defending champions France and America, who were eager to repeat the success of Team USA at Ernee in 2005, when Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham and Ivan Tedesco won and started a win streak for America.

Inside the pits, team managers and staff were trying to work out the overall team scores which had France and America tied going into the all deciding final moto.


The Monster girls took up their positions in front of the gate, whilst riders and mechanics prepared themselves.






Start of Moto 3

Start of Moto 3, Sweden’s Filip Bengtson scores the Fox holeshot, chased by #67 ben Townley, #42 dean Ferris, #22 Evgeny Bobryshev and #3 Romain Febvre, #13 Max Nagel , #15 Dennis Ullrich and #7 Justin Barcia.

Mid-pack starts by both Justin Barcia and Jeremy Martin meant they would have to dig deep and pass many riders if they were to win!


Ben Townley was on fire all weekend.


Evgeny Bobryeshev #22 and Sweden’s Filip Bengtson #31 battle for their countries.


Belgium’s Jeremy van Horebeek.


#12 Dean Wilson Team GB chases #7 Justin Barcia.


It didn’t take long before France’s Romain Febvre stormed into the lead!


Australia’s Dean Ferris rode well and also confirmed he will be racing in Australia next season for Craid Dack’s team.


Captain America Justin Barcia on his way through the pack.


Febvre in front of his noisy and adoring home crowd.


Ben Townley kept leader Romain Febvre on his toes.


Ben Townley demonstrates how deep some of those ruts were!


Portugal’s Hugo Basaula.


Gautier Paulin was racing with a knee injury but still did enough for Team France to retain the Chamberlain Trophy.


Scotland’s Dean Wilson rode well for Team GB and combined with Shaun Simpson’s results, all they would have needed was a decent result from injured Max Anstie to knock Belgium off the podium.


Suzuki’s MXGP winner Glen Coldenhoff in one of his last rides before he joins the factory KTM Team for 2016.


Romain Febvre winning both his moto’s topped what has been an incredible year for the young Frenchman.


Can’t say enough about how well New Zealand’s Ben Townley rode, coming out of retirement to challenge for the win.


Gautier Paulin, stylish as ever!


If Justin Barcia #7 had managed to catch and pass #3 Gautier Paulin, the Chamberlain trophy would have been heading back stateside again!


Cooper Webb rode really well for an MXoN rookie, just not quick enough to beat arch rival’s Team France on home soil.


Barcia closes in on Paulin but couldn’t make the pass to snatch a Team USA victory.


The French crowd light up resue flares to celebrate a historic victory


Security guards quickly erect a fence to keep back the podium crowds. The noise was deafening.


Team USA manager Roger DeCoster reflects what might have been…………………..


At least Roger knew a short cut to make it up onto the Skybox podium in time.


Jeremy Martin and staff struggle to find a way up to the podium.


French legend JMB, Jean Michel Bayle congratulates Musquin and Paulin.


Team France and manager atop the podium whilst Cooper Webb reflects what might have been………………..


…..and the crowd went crazy, chain saws , flares and flags of all nations!


Team France, deserved winners and retained the Chamberlain Trophy once more!


The French crowd sing their National anthem!


Ryan Villopoto checking out the crazy crowd.


Champagne time…………………..


As the media get their shot’s the crowd noise and excitement was intense!

So ended another great Motocross of Nations and the home crowd went home happy. Well done to all the riders, mechanics, organisers, FIM and Youthstream for producing such a great event you have to witness in person soon.

Roll on Maggiora 2016!……………..can’t wait to see how the Italian Tifosi celebrate this great event, the 30th anniversary of Team USA’s Dream team of David Bailey, Rick Johnson and Johnny O’Mara epic win back in 1986!


I was recently invited to attend the 66th edition of the Motocross of Nations, held at Lommel Belgium over weekend of 29/30th Sept. 2012. My visit had two main agenda’s, one to deliver 3 large scale paintings commissioned by Youthstream for their gala awards evening and be part of the ceremony. Second was to again watch what has become “the event of the year, the annual Olympics of Team Motocross!.
I was joined by my brother in law Roger and his 13 year old son Joel, who was visiting a continental MXDN for the first time. We drove over in my motorhome, catching the overnight Hull/Rotterdam ferry, grabbing a few beers, meal and getting to sleep in an onboard cabin.

Driving onto ferry Hull/Rotterdam

Once at Europort Rotterdam, it was a short 110 mile drive to Lommel, howeverr our sat-nav decided to send us the slower scenic route!
The Lommel circuit is located behind an industrial estate on the edge of town. The land was given to the club by the local mayor, some 35 years ago. It was 31 years ago that the Trophee des Nations for 250cc machines was held at the unique sandy circuit. Team USA, managed by Roger DeCoster sent an all Honda team of youngsters Johnny O’Mara, Chuck Sun, Danny Laporte and Donnie Hansen. With help from Motocross Action magazine editor Dick Miller and Bel Ray’s Thuer Cohen the team arrived to take on local favourites Team Belgium, with Andre Vromans, Harry Everts, Eric Geboers and Mark Velkeneers who had all grown up racing at Lommel. Roger DeCoster asked the organisers for help with Hotel expenses but the organising committee said whilst they knew of the likes of Bob Hannah and Brad Lackey, they hadn’t a clue who these youngsters were!, so no money was forthcoming.

Laporte, Hansen, O’mara and Sun smell the roses!

Once practice started the Americans looked quick, using their Supercross honed skills to blast the soft berms, jumping over braking bumps etc., but the locals thought, “they’ll never keep that pace up for 40 min + 2 laps!” However come Sunday and the Americans did just that, packing the top six places in each moto with Team USA whilst sand specialist Andre Vromans ran away with each moto win! Team USA took the Trophee des Nations trophy back to America and backed it up by narrowly defeating Team GB at the following weekend’s Motocross des Nations in Bilstein, Germany. These first victories were to set a precedant for the next 30 or so years where Team USA won at will and always came into the now combined MXDN event as surefire favourites!

Fast forward 31 years to 2012 and one of the original team Chuck Sun was invited, all expenses paid, by Giuseppe Luongo to represent the original quartet and ironically Chuck would unwittingly become involved again in the Team USA drama that unfolded!

Roger DeCoster and Chuck Sun discuss the “old days!”

First job upon arriving was to deliver the three paintings to Giuseppe Luongo at his Youthstream Office/trailor.

Giuseppe Luongo and artist Rob Kinsey

The three paintings were a portrait of Mr Valadimir Gudkov, President of Investradebank Russia and also organiser of the Snowmobile and Russion MXGP.

Mr Gudkov painting commissioned by Youthstream

The painting featured Tucker Hibbert, Snowcross World Champion, portrait of Mr Gudkov and 2012 MX1 champion Antonio Cairoli with a scene from red Square, Moscow. The painting was presented to Mr Gudkov at the Youthsream awards evening and I was invited onstage to participate. Mr Gudkov, through his translator Elanor was very pleased to receive such a special honour!

The second painting was  a Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger DeCoster for all his help and success with Team USA at the MXDN over the years.

At least roger had something to still smile about after the MXDN races!, with artist Rob Kinsey.

Youthstream Awards presentation to Roger DeCoster

The final painting was a big surprise to MC of the Youthstream awards Paul Malin, presented by Youthstream for his great ambassadorial role for world motocross. The painting featured Paul in action on his Yamaha 125cc when Team GB won at Roggenburg in 1992, together with a portrait of him in his modern day role, commentating for MX-Live TV shows.

Alongside the Youthstream awards, the Belgian M/c Federation FMB were celebrating their centinary and had brought together many of the past Belgian World Champions, Andre Malherbe, Roger DeCoster, Joel Robert, Harry Everts, Sylvain Geboers, Jean Claude Laquaye and MXDN promoter Eric Geboers for a gala evening of fine food, wine and many tales were told!

Chuck Sun with Belgian legend Joel Robert 6 time World Champion.

On friday they hold a ballot in the Press centre, where the Monster girls get to draw the order of gate pic for all the nations.  The Press Centre was the size of a football field, fully equipped with desks and wifi internet access to accomodate the 400 + journalists, photographers and TV crews who would be covering the event worldwide. Saturday sees the first on track action with open practice sessions for the MX2, MX1 and MX open classes and it quickly became apparent that Team USA would have their work cut out to beat the “Lommel local’s” Cairoli, Herlings, DeDycker, Leok etc around this sandy track. The crowds were piling in, every nationality represented by patriotic fans all dressed in crazy outfits and many carrying chain saws, minus blades with full on factory loud pipes, air horns and one French fan even had their national mascot, a live cockerel atop of his tricolour flagpole!

Irish Lepruchans add the gaelic flavour!

The English Spiderman fans take a breather!

Flags of every nation were flown with pride.

Part two Friday 19th Oct: The racing, why Team USA lost and more Monster girls and the after parties! TBC.

Eric Geboers Lifetime tribute Painting presented at Motocross of Nations , France.

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo commissioned English artist Rob Kinsey to paint a Lifetime Achievement painting for 5 time World Champion Eric Geboers, known as “Mr 875”, the first rider to win World titles in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc World Motocross Championships!

Youngest of  brothers, Eric was nicknamed “The Kid” during his racing career, which saw him win a total of 5 world titles.  His unique riding style and passion was adored by his massive fan club and admired by fans worldwide.
For the past few years Mr Luongo has commissioned Professional Artist Rob Kinsey to  paint commemorative artwork, to honour the legacy of former champions!
During an emotional ceremony at the 2010 MXoN in Colorado, icon’s Danny “Magoo” Chandler USA and Australian Andrew McFarlane were honoured, their memories captured forever on canvas!
In addition to his outstanding Motocross Palmares, Eric Geboers also promotes the Belgian MXGP at Lommel and will organise next year’s prestigious 2012 Motocross of Nations at Lommel.
The Eric Geboers “Mr 875” canvas was perhap’s Rob’s most challenging commission yet!, involving hours of research on Eric G, finding three individual images that would work together, set against the background of the flag of Belgium.  Rob chose the main central image from legendary French Motocross photographer Pat Boulland. The 125cc & 500cc images were actually based from Black/white photo’s, involved researching correct colours, sponsor logo’s etc.
Rob would like to thank the following people for their help & inspiration with this commission: My wife Jo, Photographer Pat Bouland, Author Terry Good”Legendary Motocross Bikes” book, DC RacerX and finally Youthstream Org. for this prestigious commission.

At the Youthstream awards ceremony saturday night, 2 of the sport’s biggest star’s, who passed away this year, were remembered in an emotional ceremony.

Giuseppe Luongo commissioned English Artist Rob Kinsey,,  to produce these two exceptional NEW paintings of Danny Magoo Chandler, an American Motocross icon, who won all four moto’s of the Motocross & Trophee des Nations in 1982 in Germany and Switzerland.

Rob chose a classic Black/white photograph from photographer Warren Price   as the basis for his 20″ x30″ acrylic on canvas painting which he turned into this stunning study of Chandler at his best, leading the world.

Danny "Magoo" Chandler 1982 MXDN painting by Rob Kinsey

The painting was presented by Giuseppe to Dave Clabaurgh, promoter of the 2010 Motocross of Nations, in recognition of his outstanding event this weekend in Lakewood, Colorado.

Also remembered was Andrew McFarlane, the Australian rider who finished second in the 2005 MX2 World Motocross Championship and  competed successfully on the American AMA outdoor championship circuit.  Andrew sadly died this year in an accident during the Australian Motocross championship round at Broadford.

Andrew McFarlane painting by Rob Kinsey

Giuseppe chose to present this great painting to Ilario Ricci, McFarlane’s former manager and sponsor when he rode the GP’s.

Artist Rob Kinsey said:  “Sadly I can’t be in Colorado for the presentation, due to family commitment’s, but I was deeply honoured to accept this commission from Youthstream to respect two great rider’s who are sadly missed.  I knew Danny as a close friend and we celebrated his 50th birthday in great style at last year’s MXoN in franciacorta Italy. 

Magoo's 50th birthday celebrations at 2009 MXoN Italy.

 Danny’s record of winning all four moto’s will never be broken, a fitting tribute to a great rider, showman and champion who captured our hearts.  Despite being confined to a wheelchair from an earlier racing accident, Magoo was always upbeat and the fans truely adored meeting him at events. 

Andrew McFarlane had  great charisma, both on and off the bike and won many fans across the world for his racing style and friendly demeanor.  It’s fitting that his former manager, Ilario Ricci, who spotted Andrew’s style and brought him to Europe, should receive this artwork!”

About the Artist:  

 Rob Kinsey, based in Ashbourne England, has been a professional artist since 2005, specialising in motocross.  He work’s mainly in acrylic on canvas painting’s and also pen &  ink illustrations.  Rob’s clients include Honda, KTM, Youthstream, MX Files and many private collectors and enthusiasts around the world.  In 2006 RacerX magazine nominated him “Artist of the Year”.  More of Rob’s work can be seen on his website and welcome’s commission enquiries to

Here’s some of the feedback on the paintings:

Lefty’s Ha! 
Well, we can both use our imaginations today, which is actually a good thing. I saw pictures and a few tweets yesterday and it looked like a good day. Everybody had a chance to shine.
I’m not one of those Go USA, screw the rest people. I would like to see a really competitive and exciting day. Doesn’t matter who wins to me. That said the US does seem the most complete, but you
never know. I was very happy for Andrew. Very happy. Ryan and Trey have what appears to be long bright futures so I’m really just pulling for Andrew to have a great experience. I think Marvin will be on form today and make it tough on Trey. Ryan probably got his mulligan out of the way, but there are still so many things that can happen. I hope that place is packed today!
Keep up the good work Rob
David Bailey ( US MX icon)
Great work as usual, Rob. Danny would be proud.
Hope you’re well.
Fran Kuhn (Photographer)
Dear Rob,
That is beautiful. Good job. You are an artist of the highest caliber!
Glenn C. McGovern (US Atourney)
Just followed the link on MotoNews to your newest works. Awesome work, you are THE MOTO ARTIST! Great work!
David Griffin
Rob, I was there tonight when they unveiled the paintings of Magoo and Sharky and they were dazzling and very, very cool. Paul Malin was the host and he got very choked up talking about Andrew especially. I wish you had been there because the paintings were well-received and the subjects were well honored. The tribute and the paintings were exceptional.

The McFarlane painting is one of my favorite so far, by the way. Well done.

DC (Davey Coombs) 
MX Sports

Awesome painting of Andrew!
I enjoyed the “124” & it was a pleasure to have worked
with him and his family.
Dave O.Wink
Dave Osterman (Andrew McFarlane’s US Team Manager)
Amazing Rob, simply amazing. We are truly blessed to have such a talented artist and a true moto enthusiast who understands motocross in our sport. Thank you!
Terry K from Vital MX
Wow, just beautiful. I especially like the flowing sand on the McFarlane piece. Almost a look of flames. I know you got just what you were looking for there.
We’re all blessed you’re like-minded and willing to share your talent.
Thank you.
Kurt from Las Vegas
Absolutely beautiful work as always Rob.
You really capture the emotion and life of the riders in your work.

What you do goes far beyond just a picture of someone.

jndmx CT on VitalMX

British Motorcycle artist Rob Kinsey was commissioned by Honda Europe to create a painting to celebrate Mika Ahola’s E1 World Championship title in 2009.
Using acrylic paint on a 20″ x 30″ stretched canvas Rob captured the Finnish Riders unique attacking style that won him his first world title on his Honda CRF Enduro bike.

Mika Ahola 2009 E1 Enduro World Champion by Rob Kinsey

Mika Ahola 2009 E1 Enduro World Champion by Rob Kinsey

 ahola pres 3 cropped

 Honda Motor Europe President Mr Takagi presents World Enduro Champion Mika Ahola with a Rob Kinsey Art commission at Honda’s European HQ in Slough, Berkshire.

More of Rob’s work can be viewed at
To discuss commissioning your own art work, please e-mail Rob at;